New Year Style Guide: Shine bright with new jewelry!


Start the New Year with new accessories.

Finally, 2016 has come and gone. All of us are hoping that this year is a better one; to get a better job or finally be in a happy and fulfilling relationship.  Attracting good vibrations is a must, especially in the first month of the year. All it takes is looking good, and the rest will follow. That said, it’s time to get yourself a new set of stunning jewelry for a more glamorous you!

Here are some of Mabella Jewelry’s pieces you can add to your collection.

Garnet jewelry

Garnet Pendant Necklace and Tennis Bracelet from Mabella Jewelry

Garnet is the birthstone of January. People believe that it can cleanse negative energies in one’s chakras and can re-energize them. This crystal is also said to inspire love, passion, and loyalty. No wonder it’s the birthstone of the first month of the year, this stone exudes positivity! Get yourself a 14K White Gold Princess Cut Garnet Pendant Necklace paired with an equally stunning Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet with Garnet and clear cubic zirconia stones.

Pearl jewelry

Freshwater pearl set from Mabella jewelry

A fashionista can never go wrong with pearls. If you don’t own any, it’s time to add some pieces to your collection. Pearls can effortlessly make your look chic and more glamorous. These stones can go with any outfit too and are ideal to wear anytime of the day. Don on a Freshwater Pearl Necklace and match it with a pair of White Pearl Earrings with a 14k yellow gold clasp.

Statement rings

Leaf CZ Statement Ring from Mabella Jewelry

A statement ring is a great standalone piece. The key to wearing these rings is to limit to one hand and add minimalist midi rings or thin bands to add more flair to your digits. Mix and match pieces in moderation to avoid overdoing the look you’re going for. This beautiful Leaf CZ Statement Ring will turn heads. It’s made of sterling silver and adorned with stunning clear round cut cubic zirconia stones.

Heart jewelry 

Heart Shape Wedding Ring Set from Mabella Jewelry

You don’t need to be a hopeless romantic or at the least in love to wear jewelry with a heart design. Hearts exude a positive, warm feeling that everyone needs. Whether it’s a necklace, a pair of earrings, or a ring, heart jewelry does make the wearer feel better and full of love.

Whatever your style is this new year, remember to get yourself something new as well. For more choices of fashion jewelry for women, feel free to check out the shop at


New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas


Be stylish on NYE.

New Year’s Eve parties are all about sparkles, glamor, and crazy fun. You have the perfect excuse to dress up and pile up on accessories. After all, NYE happens just once 365 days, right? If you still have no outfit ideas, fret no more. This week, we’ll give you some tips on how to look your best to get you through the festivities.

Wear sequins.

Sequins and gold jewelry pieces
Source: and

Sequins are associated with NYE parties because of they effortlessly give you the sexy sparkles and shimmer. Choose a sequin dress, top, or skirt, as these pieces make you stand out from the crowd. Put on some glamorous metallic eye makeup and dark matte lip color. To finish off your look, wear gold jewelry pieces, such as gold statement rings and layers of gold bracelets. You can also don on a statement necklace. Choose pieces with clear cubic zirconia stones to add more sparkle to your look.

Wear a brightly-colored outfit.

Source: and
Source: and

What better way to stand out than wearing something in brightly-colored colors? Pick out dresses in colors you usually don’t wear. It doesn’t have to be a neon color; bright purple or yellow would do. Don’t forget to accessorize with equally bright jewelry pieces. The best ones are those with gemstones. If you plan on wearing purple. Pick amethyst jewelry pieces. If you’re going to wear read, don on ruby jewelry pieces. Of course, you’re free to mix and match other crystals too!

Wear sexy nightwear.

Source: Splash and
Source: Splash and

Yes, you read that right. Wearing nightwear in public is a fashion trend. Exude sexiness in a sultry silk camisole and jeans, or a silk night dress and wear a pair of pointy stilettos. Complement your hot nightwear pieces with classy pearl jewelry to look extra glamorous and chic.

Wear the classic little black dress.

Source: and
Source: and

You can never go wrong with the chic little black dress. There is so much you can do accessorize this look! Go wild with layered necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Feel free to experiment with jewelry pieces. You can also wear heels, flats, or even sneakers. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your NYE outfit.

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Christmas Style Guide: Wear it with Pearls


One can never go wrong with the miracle of the sea.

Most of the time, women find it difficult to pick something to wear, especially if you devotedly post #OOTD photos on your Instagram account. It will even take women longer when it comes to choosing accessories. If you are faced with this dilemma on Christmas day, you only have to do one thing; rock it with pearl jewelry.

Christmas Fashion Jewelry for Women

Pearls are such chic jewelry pieces that make any outfit classier. They give off a vintage vibe and basically go with everything; something not all fashion jewelry for women can give. These stones complement all skin tones too. And if white and cream pearls are not for you, you have a variety of colors to choose from — including black, gray, lavender, and red. This Christmas, rid yourself of the trouble of picking out that “perfect accessory.” Sparkle in style with the help of this pearl jewelry style guide.

Pearl Earrings

Emma Watson wearing pearl drop earrings

Contrary to what most people think, pearl earrings shouldn’t just be worn with office wear or formal evening wear. These classy earrings go well with t-shirts, dresses, ugly Christmas sweaters, and even denim. As for the size, choose small pearl stud earrings if you want a minimalist style, wear big pearl studs to make a statement, or wear pearl drop earrings if you’re feeling a bit more feminine.

Pearl Necklace

Marilyn Monroe wearing layers of pearl necklaces

There are various ways to rock pearl necklaces. If you’re planning to go with a casual look on Christmas Day, mix a pearl necklace with other types made from other precious metals. You can add a gold or silver necklace to add versatility and edge. For evening holiday parties, it’s best to wear two or more strings of different lengths. You can also add a pendant or statement necklace to add glamor to the look.

Pearl Ring

Liz Taylor Wearing A Pearl Ring

Adorn your digits with a statement pearl ring. If you are married, wear it on your right hand as your wedding and engagement rings shouldn’t be overshadowed. You can try layering it with minimalist thin bands if you love layering, or wear multiple rings with smaller pearls. You can add midi rings with a bold pearl ring. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pieces, but never wear two statement rings on one hand. Otherwise, you will overdo it and break various fashion rules.

Pearl Jewelry by Mabella Jewelry

Pearls are symbols of timeless elegance. Even if you’re donning a bomber jacket over a statement T-shirt, denim skirt over a pair of leggings, and a pair of rebellious Doc Martens boots, you sure will rock any piece of pearl jewelry.

Want to see more pearl jewelry? Browse the shop for more!


Jewelry gift ideas for men


Let’s turn the tables this Christmas; give your man jewelry that will last a lifetime.
Jewelry gift ideas for him

Christmas is the time when you have to excuse to splurge on something you do not usually buy on an ordinary day. It’s also an opportunity for you to give something special to your better half, a present you know he’ll love. This week, Mabella Jewelry will spare you the trouble of thinking about what to give him for Christmas. Here are some gift ideas we think will make him fall in love with you all over again.


Give him a watch this Christmas

A watch is considered a status symbol and a dapper man’s staple accessory. And as with many gifts, giving this fashion piece to someone has many meanings. For one, it can be a declaration that you and your partner are together every single second. It can also mean that you are giving him your time. Aesthetically speaking, watches make a man look smarter and organized. A sports watch is ideal for a man who is living an active lifestyle, while a luxury watch is perfect for stylish men.

Cuff links or shirt studs

Shirt Studs or Cuff links

These functional jewelry pieces are ideal for fine gentlemen who wear business work wear every day of the week. If he regularly wears black tie attire, opt for the shirt studs with different designs for every day of the week. Otherwise, pairs of cuff links for every day of the week would be a great present. If you want to go the extra mile, get him sets of both!

Tie accents

Tie accents for the corporate man

As with the two pieces above, tie accents make great gifts to dapper men too. Keep his tie in place with accents of different designs that reflect his personality. You can also choose from various precious metals such as gold and silver.

Belt buckles

Belt buckles for him

If your man loves the wild, wild west, belt buckles are a great present. These buckles rose in popularity in the 1950s when Hollywood actors started wearing them in movies. Modern day cowboys still wear these accessories and if your man’s one of them, gift him with a belt buckle that represents his personality.


Bracelets for him

Some men prefer bracelets over watches. This is especially true for men who are more into music and the arts and dress comfortably in casual styles. Bracelets are also great presents because there’s a wide array of designs you can choose from. You can get him wooden, beaded, or leather bracelets. There are also ones made from precious metals which are perfect for guys who love gold and silver. Just make sure to pick ones that fit his lifestyle.


Fashion rings for him from Mabella Jewelry
Mabella Jewelry Rings for Him

The belief that only men can give rings to women is taboo. Make your partner happy with a fashion band he’d love to wear every day. You can give it to him as a promise ring or an engagement ring. Yes, proposing to men is not a new thing!

Whatever you choose to give your partner, make sure that it is something that will reflect his lifestyle and personality. Treat shopping for men’s accessories as you would shopping for fashion jewelry for women; have fun with it.  Enjoy your holiday shopping!


Matching jewelry: Twinning with your bestie



Hadid Sisters Making Dreams Come True with fashion jewelry for women
Source: Instagram | @yolanda.hadid
Source: Instagram | @yolanda.hadid

Recently, Bella and Gigi Hadid fulfilled their childhood dreams of walking the runway together as Victoria’s Angels. They filmed for the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris last week, and even their mother was excited about her two daughters’ accomplishment. These supermodel sisters really set the benchmark for the perfect sister/best friend relationship all girls dream of having. We may not be supermodels like them, but we sure can go jewelry twinning with our partner in crime!

This week, we will be highlighting fashion jewelry for women you can give your sister or best friend this Christmas. Get two of each design and wear them proud.


Created amethyst pendant necklace

One of our current bestsellers, this amethyst necklace, is perfect for everyday wear. It’s made of 92.5 sterling silver and rhodium plated to ensure lasting shine. It boasts an oval cut amethyst-colored stone and adorned with similarly brilliant clear cubic zirconia stones at the sides. It comes with an 18-inch silver chain and a gift box.

Fashion tip:

This pendant necklace looks gorgeous over a solid-colored sweater. Don’t forget to pick out matching tops as well!


Created Amethyst and CZ Tennis Bracelet

Bracelets have always been worn by girls to signify a great friendship. This Christmas, get your sister and yourself this stunning amethyst tennis bracelet. It’s made of 92.5 Sterling Silver and adorned with oval-shaped created amethyst stones and princess cut clear cubic zirconia crystals. It’s available in two sizes — 7 inches and 7.5 inches. This piece also comes with a lovely gift box.

Fashion tip:

If you’re feeling more than generous, get yourself and your sister two or more of this bracelet and layer them all up!


Created Emerald Pendant Necklace

If you and your bestie are redheads, then the emerald pendant necklace is the perfect choice of jewelry for you two. Green looks utterly stunning with redheads! This emerald necklace is made of 92.5 Sterling Silver and has a stunning pear-cut green top grade crystal. It’s adorned with brilliant clear cubic zirconia stones at one side. The emerald pendant necklace also comes with an 18-inch chain and a gift box.

Fashion tip:

Wear dresses or tops in neutral colors — black, brown, and tan, as they look great on redheads. Top off the look with the emerald pendant necklace. Don’t forget to snap photos with your bestie!


Stackable Three-toned Rings

Who says only men can give rings to women? Make your sister feel extra special by giving her this dainty stackable ring set. The knot design on all three rings signifies the unbreakable bond you and your sister have. All bands are made of stainless steel tusk and come in three colors — silver, chocolate, and black. The set is also available in sizes 5 to 10.

Fashion tip:

Less is always more; wear only one ring on one finger. You can also get one set with a smaller size so you and your sister can wear the smaller ones as midi or pinky rings.


Sterling Silver Stud Earrings

If you and your best friend are minimalists, a pair of stud earrings is a staple fashion accessory. Get yourselves this Sterling Silver pair with a brilliant round cut clear cubic zirconia stone. It’s perfect for everyday wear, any time of the day. Silver also looks great on any skin color and matches any wardrobe.

Fashion tip:

Sterling silver earrings are best paired with silver bangles! Be careful not to overdo it, though; layered thin bracelets are chic enough to complete the look.

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to go twinning with your partner in crime, feel free to shop for fine jewelry for you and your bestie any time of the year!

Tips to choosing the perfect traditional wedding band


Are you Team Gold or Team Silver?

When it comes to wedding bands, there are many options to consider. Some may opt for the unusual designs, like the black plated bands adorned with gemstones. However, if you are one of the traditional types, you’ll be choosing just between two colors — gold and silver.


Gold Wedding Ring Sets

Gold, yellow gold, in particular, is the classic wedding band material that dates back to the Roman times. It is a precious metal associated with wealth and sophistication. Gold was the choice of material for fine jewelry for women even in the olden times. These days, anyone of any class can afford gold jewelry; gold-plated pieces are the less expensive alternative to pure gold. These pieces still exude the glamor and class real gold jewelry possess, and they make perfect wedding bands for those on a tight budget.


Sterling SIlver Wedding Ring Sets

Sterling Silver, on the other hand, is another material used for wedding bands. This metal may not be as popular as gold when it comes to wedding rings, but silver has slowly risen in popularity in the past years. This is because silver is the brightest precious metal and durable enough to wear every day. You can also get the silver jewelry pieces at a much lower price, making them a fantastic investment.

“Which color matches my skin tone?”

There are two types of skin tones — warm and cool. To determine which type you are, all you have to do is check the color of your veins through your skin. Veins appear blue under a cool skin tone, while veins that appear green under a warm skin tone.

If you have a warm skin tone, you will notice yellow undertones when looking at yourself in the mirror. With that said, gold wedding bands look great with warm-skinned brides.  On the other hand, people with cool tones will notice pinkish undertones when looking at the mirror. So for the cool-skinned bride, silver or white gold wedding band is the best choice.

“I cannot decide, both look beautiful on me!”

White stones like diamonds and clear cubic zirconia look gorgeous on both skin tones. However, some women are lucky enough to rock both colors. Now the decision lies on the stones. Gemstones like amethyst, aquamarine, blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, opal, and pearls are perfect for cool-skinned women. As for the warm-skinned brides, warm-colored gemstones are the best choice. These stones include citrine, garnet, peridot, and alexandrite.

Amethyst Ring

Want to see more wedding bands for women (and men)? Feel free to browse our collection for more!

How to look your best on Thanksgiving


Are you ready for Thanksgiving homecoming?

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and most of us are psyched about the family reunion. Going back to your hometown means seeing friends whom you haven’t seen for years. That said, you have to look good in case you bump into one of them.

This week, we’ll help you be the talk of your town with some on-trend fashion inspiration with the help of celebrities. Looking good takes the right wardrobe pieces and gorgeous fine jewelry for women.

For formal evening parties

Shay Mitchell wearing fine jewelry for women.
Source: Instagram | @shaym

Shay Mitchell dazzled in this year’s Elle Women in Hollywood Awards. She wore a plum velvet wrap around dress paired with sexy strap heels. Plum is an autumn color and is a perfect choice of hue. She had a gorgeous wet look hairstyle and added a pinch of vintage feel to her look with a sparkly art deco choker. Her look at this event is perfect for formal evening parties; comfortable without sacrificing style and glamor.

For hanging out with old friends

Emilia Clarke wearing drop earrings.
Source: Instagram |@emilia_clarke

Who said the lumberjack style is only for men? Here’s Emilia Clarke at the filming of the film, Blood Mountain rocking the trend. She’s looking all comfy and sassy in a checked flannel shirt, skinny jeans and cowgirl boots. Her style may be on the boyish side, but her hoop earrings added a bit of fun flirtiness to the look. This get-up is perfect for catching up with your friends or for doing farm chores with your dad without sacrificing style.

For Friday night

Kylie Jenner wearing fine jewelry for women.
Source: Instagram |@kyliejenner

Party on Friday nights with your girlfriends Kylie Jenner style! Go for leather skinny jeans that show a bit of skin and a long sleeved top. It doesn’t have to be as daring a what Kylie’s wearing; as long as you accessorize with sparkly pieces, you’ll look great! Wear a choker, stackable rings, and bangles on top of your sleeves. Finish off the look with strappy heels.

For doing errands

Lady Gaga looking glam with pearl jewelry.
Source: Instagram |@ladygaga

Look your best even when running some errands. A simple white tee and jeans would do and add some flair with pearl necklaces. Lady Gaga looked classy in this photo even in a casual shirt. Don’t forget to put on some red lipstick and to those brows on fleek.

For afternoon walks

Rihanna wearing fine jewelry for women.
Source: | @badgalriri

Rihanna loves wearing pieces that are comfortable. She makes baggy clothes look glamorous with silver jewelry pieces. Get those oversized sweaters and baggy pants out from the closet, and wear fine jewelry to add some glam.

What’s your favorite fall outfit and jewelry pieces?

Easy ways to clean your engagement ring


Keep your engagement ring looking sparkly clean until the big day!

According to the 2015 Real Wedding Study, the average length of engagement is 14 and a half months. However, some engagements last longer than the average. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially for couples who are in long distance relationships or are still finishing school. The problem that we see here is your ring. With the wedding preparations and your career, you might be forgetting about your engagement ring.

Unknown to some, fine jewelry for women needs regular cleaning to prevent the pieces from discoloration or tarnish. Skin oil, lotions, dust, and dirt are the main factors that can cloud jewelry. This week, we’ll be helping you ladies out on how to clean your rings to bring their original brilliance back.

Soak in water.

Easiest Way to Clean Your Fine Jewelry for Women

The easiest way to clean your engagement ring and other fine jewelry is to keep soak them in warm water mixed with a mild dishwashing soap. Leave it soaked for about five minutes before gently brushing the pieces with a soft toothbrush.

Soak in ammonia.

Cleaning Fine Jewelry with Ammonia

Another cleaning method is to soak the jewelry pieces with diamonds in an ammonia solution. In a bowl, mix equal parts ammonia and cold water. Soak your jewelry for 30 minutes and let it air dry. However, do note that ammonia can damage other stones and crystals; use this method only with diamond jewelry.

Send your ring to a professional jeweler.

Regular Check-up with A Professional Jeweler

If your engagement ring is too clouded and a simple soak doesn’t do any help, you can send it to the professionals. Professional jewelers have cleaning tools that can restore your ring and other jewelry to almost new. They can also fix the pieces in case some stones and parts, for that matter, have already come loose.


Prevention is key to avoid losing the original sparkle of your engagement ring. Take it off when you go swimming so you don’t risk losing it. Take it off when doing household chores that require cleaners with abrasive chemicals which can damage jewelry.


Place the FIne Jewelry in A Keep Safe


It also helps if you properly store your ring when you need to take it off. A small jewelry box would do, or a glass cup. Just make sure it’s someplace where there is no risk of scratching the stones. If you want to stay extra safe by taking it off when traveling, store your ring in an inner pocket of your bag without any sharp items. Zippered pockets are always better so it won’t fall out.

Taking care of your engagement ring should be one of your priorities. You wouldn’t want it to look dull in prenup and wedding photos!


Get to know November’s birthstones — Citrine and Topaz


Two stones that match the autumn glow of November

Citrine fine jewelry for women

Can’t get enough of fall-related stuff? November is lucky to have two birthstones, Citrine and Topaz. Coincidentally, both come in warm colors which perfectly complement the hues of the pumpkin season. With that said. we’re going to highlight the beautiful crystals this week.

What are citrine and topaz?


Citrine fine jewelry for women from Mabella Jewelry

Citrine is one of the favorite gemstones in the fashion world today. This yellow-orange, almost golden-hued stone is a crystalline quartz which crystallized hexagonally. It is believed to be a gift from the sun and is known for powerful healing powers. Its name came from the French word, ‘citron’ which means lemon. Natural citrine crystals are very rare, as these stones are created when amethyst and smoked quartz are heat treated.


Topaz fine jewelry for women

Topaz is a gemstone known to have a variety of colors. The most common colors are blue and golden orange, which is also known as the Imperial Topaz. The rare Imperial type is also known as the ‘precious topaz’ as it’s the most sought after variety. As with Citrine, it’s also associated with the sun and a symbol of the Egyptian Sun God Ra. Because of these beliefs, Topaz is popularly used in amulets and talismans all over the world.

What are their healing properties?

Citrine is said to promote vitality and energy to its wearer. It supports the endocrine system, balances the thyroid, and helps with proper metabolism. Citrine also keeps the skin, hair, and nails healthy and hence good for those who have chronic skin allergies. Ancient Chinese also believe that this golden crystal attracts wealth and abundance.

Topaz, on the other hand, heals, soothes, and recharges parts of the body where needed. It relieves tension by inducing relaxation, hence making it a perfect crystal for meditation. Topaz can help with proper digestion, as well as eating disorders. This golden crystal can recharge one’s spirituality and increases self-confidence and worth.

What matches citrine and topaz jewelry pieces?

Things that Matches Citrine fine jewelry
Source: Yahoo News SG

There’s a wide array of citrine and topaz fine jewelry for women in the market today. Even royalty love these golden gemstones. Since both crystals have almost similar hues, these two are used together in jewelry sets. Their warm colors perfectly complement the colors of fall — red, orange, yellow, and brown. Any outfit in these colors would look perfect with citrine and topaz jewelry pieces.

Citrine Fine Jewelry that Matches All Outfits

Citrine and Topaz’s bright color makes these jewelry pieces eye-catching and therefore look best in bold, statement pieces. Wear them either on daytime or nighttime. Mabella offers jewelry pieces adorned with these stones at affordable prices.

Gemstone Jewelry Pieces from Mabella Jewelry

Get ready to top off your fall look with jewelry adorned with these warm-colored stones. See more pieces at our shop!


Black jewelry for Halloween


Shimmer in the dark of night with gorgeous black jewelry

It’s officially Hallow’s Eve; are you ready for tonight? Last week, we gave easy, creative costume ideas as well as the right jewelry to wear with them. If you are not the costume-wearing type, you can wear Halloween-inspired jewelry instead. No need for expensive costumes and stage make-up; gorgeous black fine jewelry for women will do the spooking for you.

Black is the color superstitious people avoid. But in these modern times, this hue exudes class, mystery, and sultriness. Imagine giving off all three of these just by wearing black jewelry. Our favorite character who can effortlessly look classy in black is Vanessa Ives played by the uber-talented French actress, Eva Green, in the show Penny Dreadful.

Eva Green as Vanessa Ives in Penny Dreadful (Source:
Eva Green as Vanessa Ives in Penny Dreadful (Source:

Later tonight, channel Vanessa Ives or Morticia Addams with pieces such as these:

Black bracelets


Effortlessly become the dark boho chic with black bracelets on both wrists. Wear black bracelets over your sleeves tonight. Pick ones that have brilliant stones, so they shimmer in the moonlight. Don’t be afraid to layer them, the more, the better.

Mabella’s pick

Buy Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet with Black and White gemstones from Mabella Jewelry

The Sterling Silver Black and White Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet is a perfect piece for this style. Buy two or more of these and layer them. Mix and match with other types of bracelets; such as beaded bracelets or even leather and silver cuffs.

Black rings

Source: | Kopytin Georgy
Source: | Kopytin Georgy

Adorn your digits with bold pieces such as black cocktail rings or ring sets with big shiny stones. Again, layering is a great idea, especially if you own dainty minimalist rings. Don’t just go with one, wear at least two for each hand. With these beauties, you’re sure to channel a stylish fortune teller tonight.

Mabella’s picks


These rings are just some of Mabella Jewelry’s black ion-plated bridal set collection. All are made of Sterling Silver and black ion-plated. Each set has beautiful Cubic Zirconia stones that add a brilliant shimmer. The rings have a rhodium-plated finish to ensure shine.

Shopping for these black jewelry may be too late for tonight, but they can definitely be worn any time of year. See more in our collection. Happy Halloween, ladies!